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How to Install (Brief Description)

  1. If you do not have East Asian language files (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts, IME settings, etc.), install them first. For Windows XP users, see To install East Asian language files on your computer, for example.
  2. Prepare the Cygwin Net-installer.
  3. Execute setup.exe with -X option and start to install/maintain a system.
    1. Follow the instruction of the installer. The author did as follows (hyperlinks point to the installer image. Some buttons are in Japanese, but I believe you can understand what they mean):
    2. When you face the instruction "Choose Download Site(s)Choose Download Site(s)," copy the following address:
      paste it to the "User URL," click [Add] button, and "Go."
      NOTE. Be careful *not* to include any spaces, commas, nor line-breaks in the address.
    3. Then, you can select packages.
      • If you have enough disc-space (and time), Click "Default" next to "All" once (then "Default" changes to "Install"), and "Go."
      • If not, extract the "Text" category, select ptetex additionally, i.e. click "New" column of "ptetex" record (then "Skip" changes to version number), and "Go."
      When you ask if you Resolve Dependencies, check the below command, and "Go."
    4. Wait for a while, it ask you if you Create Icons, check preferred settings, and "Finish."


Any feedback is welcome. If you have some advice or helpful information, please contact the author.

Home > Japanese TeX Environment for Cygwin / Japanese Version