Final Program of HJ2003

  January 21
10:00--10:50 Opening + Session 1-1
  Uniquely Realizable Graphs and Connected Rigidity Matroids
          Tibor Jordán
11:10--12:40 Session 1-2
  On the Maximum Even Factor in Weakly Symmetric Graphs
          Gyula Pap, László Szego
  Even Factors and Ear-Decompositions
          Gyula Pap
  Spanning Trees with Leaf Distance at Least Four
          Atsushi Kaneko, Mikio Kano, Kazuhiro Suzuki
  $m$-Path Cover of a Graph
          Aneta Dudek, Gyula Y. Katona, A. Pawe\l Wojda
  Lunch break
14:10--15:20 Session 1-3
  Extreme Point Axioms for Closure Spaces
          Kazutoshi Ando
  Matroid Representation of Clique Complexes
          Kenji Kashiwabara, Yoshio Okamoto, Takeaki Uno
  Maps of Matroids with Applications
          András Recski
15:40--16:25 Session 1-4
  Global Roundings and Semi-Balanced Colorings of Shortest-Path Hypergraphs
          Takeshi Tokuyama
16:50--18:00 Session 1-5
  Open Problem Session

  January 22
9:30--10:20 Session 2-1
  Placement of Vertex Lables in a Graph Drawing
          Noboru Abe, Sumio Masuda, Kazuaki Yamaguchi
  Algorithms for Submodular Flows with an M-convex Function
          Satoko Moriguchi, Kazuo Murota
10:30--11:15 Session 2-2
  Cycle-Packing and Cycle-Partition of a Graph
          Hikoe Enomoto
11:30--12:40 Session 2-3
  The Generalized Kaneko Theorem
          Jácint Szabó
  Generalized Induced Factor Problems
          Zoltán Király, Jácint Szabó
  Crossing Numbers of Three Monochromatic Trees in the Plane
          Atsushi Kaneko, Mikio Kano, Kazuhiro Suzuki, Shin-ichi Tokunaga
  Lunch break
14:10--15:20 Session 2-4
  Zero-Free Intervals for Flow Polynomials of Near Cubic Graphs
          Bill Jackson
  Small Forbidden Configurations IV: The 3 Rowed Case
          Richard Anstee, Attila Sali
  A Coding Problem for Pairs of Subsets
          Gyula O. H. Katona
15:40--16:25 Session 2-5
  On Some Aspects of Ramsey Theory
          Gábor Simonyi
16:50--17:40 Session 2-6
  List Edge-Colorings of Series-Parallel Graphs
          Tomoya Fujino, Xiao Zhou, Takao Nishizeki
  List Edge Multicoloring in Bounded Cyclicity Graphs
          Dániel Marx
18:00--20:00 Banquet (First Floor)

  January 23
9:30--10:20 Session 3-1
  Algorithms on Attribute Graphs for Tables
          Tomoe Motohashi, Kensei Tsuchida, Takeo Yaku
  A New Algorithm for 2-Layer Manhattan Channel Routing
          Dávid Szeszlér
10:30--11:15 Session 3-2
  New Maximum Flow Algorithms by MA Orderings and Scaling
          Satoru Fujishige, Shigueo Isotani
11:30--12:40 Session 3-3
  On Budgeted Optimization Problems
          Alpár Jüttner
  Maximum Network Flows with Concave Gains
          Maiko Shigeno
  A Constrained Independent Set Problem for Matroids
          Tamás Fleiner, András Frank, Satoru Iwata
  Lunch break
14:10--15:20 Session 3-4
  Optimization Problems in System-Level Synthesis
          Zoltán Ádám Mann, András Orbán
  A Solution to the Liar Problem
          Gábor Wiener
  Algorithms on the Web Graph
          Dániel Fogaras
15:40--16:25 Session 3-5
  Some Results on Stable Matchings and Fixed Points
          Tamás Fleiner
16:50--18:00 Session 3-6
  Properties on the Number of Connected Spanning Subgraphs in an Undirected Graph
          Peng Cheng, Shigeru Masuyama
  Grinstead's Conjecture is True for Some Fixed $\omega(G)$'s
          Kenji Kashiwabara, Tadashi Sakuma
  On Transformation of Posets with the Same Semi Bound Graphs
          Hiroshi Era, Kenjiro Ogawa, Morimasa Tsuchiya

  January 24
9:30--10:20 Session 4-1
  An $O(n^3)$ Time Algorithm for Obtaining the Minimum Vertex Ranking Spanning Tree on Interval Graphs
          Shin-ichi Nakayama, Shigeru Masuyama
  Can a Hypergraph Cover Every Convex Polygon?
          Hiro Ito, Hiroshi Nagamochi
10:30--11:15 Session 4-2
  Periodic Functions and Quantum Computing
          Katalin Friedl
11:30--12:40 Session 4-3
  Trivially Noncontractible Edges in a Contraction Critically $5$-Connected Graph
          Kiyoshi Ando
  On the Size of Semistrong Matchings in the Hypercube
          Rita Csákány
  Vertex-Disjoint Copies of $K_1+(K_1\cup K_2)$ in Graphs
          Shinya Fujita
  Lunch break
14:10--15:00 Session 4-4
  Powers in Finite Fields
          Péter Sziklai
  Computational Algebraic Analyses of Unimodular Integer Programming Problems
          Takayuki Ishizeki, Hiroki Nakayama, Hiroshi Imai
15:20--16:05 Session 4-5
  Computing Extreme Sets in Graphs and Its Applications
          Hiroshi Nagamochi
16:30--17:40 Session 4-6
  Covering Symmetric Supermodular Functions by Uniform Hypergraphs
          Tamás Király
  Source Location Problem with Local 3-Vertex-Connectivity Requirements
          Toshimasa Ishii, Hitoshi Fujita, Hiroshi Nagamochi
  An Algorithm to Increase the Node-Connectivity of a Digraph
          András Frank

  January 25
10:00--16:00 Discussion space is available      (Sanjo Conference Hall, Room No. 201, 202)