SameMail - Anti-Spam tool


SameMail is a tool to identify same mail as other person received, which is very likely spam. It works with server and client program.

We aim to propose a protocol how to handle the contents of mail in a secure way, and detect spam easily. We show Open Source (GPL) implementation of server-client program, but this is not the only one.

definition of spam

There exist various spam definitions. Here we define spam as the almost same electric mail sent to unspecified people.

This definition enable to identify spam only by comparing mails received by others, without text analysis or blacklists. Exception is a mail from mailing list.

mechanism of SameMail

SameMail is similar to collaborative spam filter, but is not affected by human. All actions are done automatically.

When SameMail client receives an e-mail, it asks SameMail server if the e-mail was received by other clients or not. The client should not send e-mail itself to the server not to invade privacy. It sends hashed e-mail (by the way like MD5).

SameMail server replies comparing query and stored ones. Then SameMail server stores requested hashed e-mail for future query.

SameMail client may be mailer, POP proxy, MTA, etc. When a client find same e-mail, the next action depends on client. It may mark, erase, or return to sender. Our implemented client is POP3 proxy in Java, and it changes 'From' header.

How to make hash (outline)

Spam is NOT exact same as other person received. It may contain user name or random string. To perform text diff in server side, we make a hash per line. We can't trust mail headers. From, Subject, and To is often deceived.

First remove mail header. Then remove empty lines. Make MD5 hash per line. Take 3rd and 6th byte and join them.

MD5original body






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hash = 45a76b127194a106c67e7555eec18a8be477ef4293138f52cbb44a7c

We show basic idea, but in fact, real hash is more complex. Hash should have ckeck digit. Hash shoud be enough long not to conflict. Hash shoud be enough short to handle easily.


Our client program is written in Java as POP3 proxy. Our server program is written in C and perl as HTTP CGI, and it's service is available on this site. Anyone can access the following address.

Client and server program are included in the following archive. For ordinal purpose, you have only to compile and run client program (You need Java 2 JRE).

C language client is available. It acts as filter now.

screen shot

Headers colored by orange are rewrited by SameMail client. In this case, I received almost same mail 8 times.


collaborative spam filter black list

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